michelle marie (blueporcelina) wrote in confundus_rpg,
michelle marie

First post ;)

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here you go, you tyrant

Name:Sirius Black
Bit of family history:From the infamous black family. In respects, the black sheep...except his family is evil, condescending and abusive.
Physical description:Tall, slenderly muscular, black hair, gray eyes...and a permanant grin plastered on his face. He has a disapproving mother and an evil brother.
Personality:Mischevious, arrogant, and outgoing. He's full of energy and is feircely loyal to his friends. He hates Snape and most Slytherins and rejects everything about his family.
Other: He loves to steal Reamus' chocolate frogs, play pranks, and slosh around in the mud.

? Did i do it right? I'm terrible at these.