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Applacation for and Original Charactor

Name:Luninia Marks
Nick Names: Nia, Lunnie
House:Gryffindor(sorry if I spelled that wrong)
Family history:Her Father is a wizard her mother is a acteress on Broadway. They were divorced when Luninia was 5 and she grew up in New York. Her Mother just recently died of Cancer and so she was transfered to Hogwarts.
Physical description:
Hair-long, waist length Hair,dark brown
Eyes-One fiercely Green eye, one sky blue eye
Complextion- Ultra fair
Personality:Luninia is really into theater and longs to be an acteress like her mother one day. She's a bit of a Wild child, But not a bad girl just miss understood. A born Preformer with a sultery, smokey voice she's been known to dance and sing on table tops if the mood hits her.
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