porcelinasblue (porcelinasblue) wrote in confundus_rpg,

Updated character list

Sirius Black - roosterkiller13
Lily Evans - blacksmagic
Remus Lupin - porcelinasblue
James Potter - stilldreaming

Welcome, everybody! I'd like to try and get a Peter and a Snape and maybe a few OCs before we start so if any of you want a second character or know of anyone who might be interested, speak up. ;)

Also, do you guys all think that the LJ will be okay for roleplaying, or do you have any better ideas? The more I think about it, I'm not sure if the comment reply method will work so well, and I don't know of any other ways of doing it.

(Psst, blacksmagic, make sure you've all joined the community so you have posting privelleges and all that. I think everyone else has already joined.)
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